Improving the land for five generations

The story of the Froehlichs is one of quality. Of commitment. Of five generations dedicated to improving the land. The Froehlich family first came to the United States in 1892. After arriving with other immigrants at New York's Port of Entry, Christian Froehlich took his wife and children to South Dakota to be with other German families.

A farmer and wagon maker, the elder Froehlich purchased a variety of different farms over the years, raising crops and a large family of 13 children. By 1910, he had settled on a new farm seven miles west of Bakersfield, where he passed on the farming and ranching tradition to his sons and grandsons.

They followed in his footsteps, retaining that love of “working the land”. Though the original ranch house was torn down in 1937, a new “modern” house took its place on the same site. For generations thereafter, one Froehlich son after another took charge of the ranch and provided for their families by raising cotton, wheat, barley, horses and other livestock.

Currently, many members of the Froehlich family either live on or within close vicinity of the original ranch site. Froehlich ranch today consists of 300 acres nestled between Rosedale Highway, Allen, Brimhall, and Jenkins Roads.

Ron Froehlich, Jr., reflecting many years of family dedication to this area, has developed this acreage into a first class master-planned community featuring retail centers, multi-family housing, single family homes and a beautiful park site. Over the years, Ron has been a steady force in the community, creating and developing, with his reputation for master craftsmanship, such entities as Froehlich Signature Homes, BrightDesign Homes, Crown Pointe Business Centre, and Jasmine Parke Luxury Apartments, just to name a few.

It is rare when a builder is able to bring five generations of knowledge and personal care to its craft. But it is true of Froehlich Inc., a company whose history is rooted in the very land it is now developing for other families to enjoy. With this reputation comes a responsibility... one that Froehlich fulfills with the quality of its fine workmanship. You see it in the design of their developments, which show a real understanding of what’s important to those who will live there.

More than merely a commitment to professionalism, Froehlich’s work is also a tribute to a storied past. Esteemed in the area’s local history, the Froehlich name is now destined to carve a prominent niche in its future.